My award-losing story

I had a blast writing a story and a script to submit to the contest.  Now that the contest is over, I’d like to share them.  For now, I’ve posted the story, "Got Your Back!".

Warnings:  Possibly romantic come-ons, non-graphic violence against the undead, and longer than anyone else’s ZR fanfic I’ve seen so far.


Fandom: Zombies Run!
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Original Male Character(s), Sam Yao, Eugene Woods
Additional Tags: Slashy

Set in the early days of Season 1, this story is narrated by “Ox”, a resident of Abel who arrived sometime before Runner 5 and is learning to become a runner after working as a porter (orderly) in the hospital. The story tries to flesh out, so to speak, a few details of life in Abel and extrapolates just what’s behind such things as “items dropped, zombies distracted”. Ox winds up meeting an injured man with useful skills, and the steadfast friend who’s carrying him rather than abandon him to the zombies.

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