Runner 5 is not a “she”. Runner 5 is a “you” and “I”.

I can guess fan art and fanfic are bound to flesh out details of character appearance etc., like hair and skin, that the canon may never tell us.  Sometimes rich detail makes it more interesting, even if, like a movie made from a favorite book, it doesn’t jibe with how we’d always pictured them.  I’ve even seen signs of some emerging consensus, maybe it’s called “fan canon”, sort of like Sulu’s first name, which was not part of the Star Trek canon until the last movie.  I guess that’s okay as long as it doesn’t limit the imagination of other fan writers by pressure to conform.

But there’s one thing I find jarring.  A good portion of the fannish works I’ve seen (just started to get into them last month) seem to have quietly decided — or for all I know it was debated a year ago somewhere in the uncharted depths of Tumblr — that Runner 5 is female.  That one bugs me, because Naomi obviously did script-writing acrobatics to avoid personal pronouns that would reveal Runner 5’s sex.  She even cleverly eased us into it:  at first Sam and Maxine couldn’t see or hear Runner 5 and naturally used the indefinite pronoun “they”.  Then they saw a grainy image, and finally Sam greeted Runner 5 in person, and everyone stopped using pronouns altogether.  No other person is referred to in so carefully ambiguous a manner, except once in the Radio Abel segment “B.O.” when discussing an “ex”.  And it’s obvious why:  As players, we’re not only playing the character, but we’re actually doing with our bodies the primary thing Runner 5 does, which is to run — we’re not faking the running, or at least walking or some form of exercise.  Naomi et al obviously understood that many of us would feel more comfortable identifying so physically with the character if the character resembled us, and gender is a very central part to many people’s identities, especially when focusing on their bodies.

So it just seems sloppy somehow for fan writers not to take up the challenge of keeping Runner 5’s sex ambiguous.  I certainly had fun with that in my “Got Your Back!” story, especially in the early dialog where my protagonist teases Sam with his fixation on the new Runner 5.  I tried to write it so that the reader could believe whatever they chose:  that Runner 5 was female, or that Runner 5 was male; my protagonist could be teasing Sam whether or not he really believes Sam is bi.

Since I apparently missed the memo, can anyone explain why so many fans depict Runner 5 as female?  I’ve got some made-up speculations on what’s going through fan writers’ minds:

  1. They’re female and decided to think of the character they identified as being female (a deliberate extrapolation of canon).  In that case, same response.  And ask yourself if you’d find it a little weird if other fans started doing fiction or art that depicted Runner 5 as male.  Anyway, why not use another runner or invent your own, not the one whose body some of us who are guys are running around in?
  2. They’re female and they always just assumed Runner 5 was too.  Did anyone actually miss the careful ambiguity in all those missions?  Did I just catch it because I’m male and after hearing that the old Runner 5 had been female, I was listening closely for Sam to either express surprise when he got a visual or for him to start using a female pronoun, so that I noticed when neither ever happened?
  3. They want to “ship” Sam and Runner 5, and Sam is known to be interested in women and has never mentioned any interest in men.  I mean, in real life when a guy mentions multiple ex-girlfriends I usually take that as prima facie evidence that he’s hopelessly straight.  Then again, if I lived in a township where the adult male population was probably about two dozen and few of them could be as nice as Sam, I might not give up so easily.  Again, why not use another runner?  Sam might fret over their safety just as much when we can’t hear him.
  4. The trailers show a female Runner 5.  Does anyone actually believe that, or am I just attacking a straw man I’ve set up?  Because obviously the woman in either the trailer is not playing Runner 5.  She’s playing a typical player playing Runner 5, one who happens to be female, but we come in both varieties.  You know how I can tell she’s not Runner 5?  No zombies.  Also, no backpack stuffed with canned food, clothing, fuel cans and live chickens, and her own clothing and equipment look more like what a player might have.

Those are all just my conjectures.  What’s are the real reasons?  Or have I just stumbled across an unrepresentative sample of fan works?

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